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About St. Monica's Nursing Home

In 1967 St. Monica's operated as a home accommodating approximately 120 elderly ladies. It was later granted a nursing home license and in 1998, after major capital investment by the Religious Sisters of Charity, St. Monica's Nursing Home reopened and is now operating as a new entity while still comprising of its long history of care for the elderly.

At St Monica's Nursing Home, we make available and render all services, care and nursing attention appropriate to residents through individualised quality care. We provide a caring, diligent and dedicated service.

This is echoed in the core values of the Religious Sisters of Charity:

  • Dignity
  • Compassion
  • Justice
  • Quality
  • Advocacy

Mission Statement of St. Monica's

To provide a holistic approach to care which ensures individuality, dignity, empathy, and understanding in an environment which maximises opportunity.

We strive to ensure that the service we provide is both quality driven and cost effective.